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Every piece of plastic ever made still exists.
Mark Twain called The Book of Mormon "Chloroform in Print".
The homicide rate in the Middle Ages was 35 times greater than it is today.
Viruses are not alive: They do not have cells, they cannot turn food into energy, and without a host they are just inert packets of chemicals.
Liechtenstein has just 7 people in prison.
In South India, people roll over food leftovers served to Brahmins in the belief that all troubles and ailments will be cured.
In 2001, Pope John Paul II entered and prayed in a mosque and even kissed the Qur'an to improve relations with Islam.
The NAZIs considered Native Americans to be part of the Aryan race.
Each day, up to 4 billion meteoroids fall to Earth.
Fur and hair are essentially the same thing, constructed of identical protein building blocks called keratin.
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