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The population of Germany is in decline. It has fallen by 2 million in the last decade.
In 1997, three men from Yemen tried to sue NASA for invading Mars, claiming they had inherited it from their ancestors 3,000 years ago.
In professional shooting, Alcohol is considered to be a performance enhancing drug because it relaxes you and slows your heart rate enough to give you an edge.
The Sagrada Familia church in Spain, has been under construction for over 130 years and it's only expected to be complete by 2026.
Bill Cosby spoke out against giving the death penalty to the man who shot and killed his own son.
The late King Olav V of Norway used public transportation and always paid the tickets.
Jim Carrey used to send funny letters to rapper Tupac Shakur when he was in prison.
Steven Hawking is 73 years old and has outlived his life expectancy due to ALS by over 50 years.
Anne Frank, Martin Luther King Jr. and Barbara Walters were all born in the same year.
According to a study on Academy Award speeches, Steven Spielberg has been thanked more than God.
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