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Otto Frank wrote Audrey Hepburn asking her to portray his daughter Anne in the movie "The Diary of Anne Frank". Audrey kindly declined the part.
In 2012, Singapore, a country of over 5 million people, had 80 days of a year in which no robberies or thefts were reported.
During WWII, an American pilot fell over 20,000 feet (6,700 m) and survived by crashing through the glass roof of a train station.
In 1915, millionaire Cecil Chubb bought Stonehenge as a gift for his wife. she didn't like it so he gave it to the nation in 1918.
The modern Ouija Board got its name by asking the board what it should be called.
There are more black men in prison today than there were black male slaves before the American Civil War.
During WWI, Marie Curie attempted to donate her Gold Nobel Prize medals for the war effort but the French National Bank refused to accept them.
Only one home in the U.S. receives more visitors per year than Elvis Presley's home, Graceland: the White House.
The Amazon River discharges 5 times as much water as any other river on the planet.
Every single spy Hitler thought he had in Britain during WWII was a double agent under British control.
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