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The state of Washington may still execute prisoners by hanging.
It only takes 6 minutes for brain cells to react to alcohol.
Leif Erikson is regarded as the first European to land in North America, nearly 500 years before Columbus.
1 out of 10 People Weren't Fathered By The Man They Believe Is Dad.
Mexico once had
3 presidents in 1 day.
People with lower IQs are more likely to be racist and homophobic, according to a study.
Facebook loses almost US$25,000
for every minute is down.
As late as 1850, most shoes were made on absolutely straight lasts, with no difference between the right and the left shoe.
People normally fart 8 to 20 times per day.
A 2013 survey found 7% of Americans believe the moon landing was a hoax.
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