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UK Facts
54 Facts about The United Kingdom

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The Queen of the UK is the legal owner of one-sixth of the Earth's land surface.
In the UK, if you reach your 100th birthday, you get a personalized card from the Queen.
The UK spent US$15.8 billion in a health service computer system that failed and was shut down in 2013.
A Beer Wave
of 388,000 Gallons
(or 1.4m L) flooded
London in 1814 after
a huge vat ruptured.
In the U.K., it is legal for kids over 5 years old to drink alcohol at home or on other private premises.
UK's Internet Porn Filter Architect was Arrested On Child Porn Offences.
In the UK, accents change noticeably about every 25 miles (40km).
In the UK, all horses, ponies and donkeys must have a horse passport.
In London,
it is illegal
to die
in the Houses of Parliament.
Slavery was not made a statutory offense in the UK until April 6, 2010.
Nearly 6,000 people per year get hurt or die in the UK after tripping over their trousers or falling down stairs while pulling them up.
The UK
is smaller than
the U.S. state of
The death penalty was outlawed in the UK partly because a man was wrongfully executed for the murder of his wife and daughter in 1950.
Nigeria has
more English speakers than the United Kingdom.
In the 16th century, a London law forbade wife beating after 9:00 P.M., but only because the noise disturbed people's sleep.
KitKats' year production could stretch around the London Underground more than 350 times.
The Queen Mary of Scotland became queen when she was only six days old.
Since all British passports are issued in the Queen Elizabeth II's name, she herself doesn't have one.
Concentration camps were first used by the British during the Second Anglo-Boer War.
U.S. eggs are illegal in Britain because they are washed. British eggs are illegal in the U.S. because they are not.
The average car in Britain is parked for 96% of the time.
There's a 'Rent a Mourner' service in the UK to fill your funeral with fake friends.
Centenarians are the fastest-growing demographic in the UK.
Passports issued by the UK, Sweden and Finland offer visa-free travel to more countries than any other passports.
In 1999, it was reported in the UK that over 3,000 people were hospitalized after tripping over a laundry basket.
The average age
in the UK
for a first kiss
is 15.
The UK is the first country in the world to allow the creation of babies from the DNA of three people.
Kate Middleton is credited with boosting the UK economy by £1 billion in 2012.
On Sept. 9, 2015, Queen Elizabeth II will become the longest-reigning UK monarch ever, surpassing Queen Victoria.
The world's shortest scheduled airline flight lasts 2 minutes. It connects two islands in the UK.
92% of public baby changing tables tested in the UK carried traces of cocaine.
The average woman in the UK has 150 different hairstyles in her lifetime.
Alcohol is prohibited in the UK Parliament with one exception: the chancellor can drink while delivering the annual budget statement.
The oldest house in the UK is nearly 6000 years old and has stone furniture that is still intact.
Edward VIII, King of the UK in 1936, was a Nazi sympathiser and later argued that bombing England could bring peace by ending WWII.
The UK and Portugal hold the longest standing alliance in the world that is still in force. It was ratified in 1386.
You can use Skype to call toll free numbers at no charge in the U.S., UK, Taiwan and France.
There is a limit of 12 minutes of commercials, per hour of television, in the UK.
The British Navy uses Britney Spears' songs to scare off Somali pirates.
Life expectancy in the UK was around 47 in 1900; it is now 80.
The "keep calm and carry on" slogan was originally dreamt up as a way of preserving morale in the event of a Nazi invasion of Britain.
In the UK, nearly 1 in 10 couples are ethnically mixed.
In the UK, the most common cause of death for men under 50 is suicide.
Margaret Thatcher was reportedly more proud of becoming the first Prime Minister with a science degree than the first female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
British Pennies are used to adjust the time in London's Big Ben clock tower.
The UK is the only country not required to name itself on its postage stamps.
The British Empire at its height was larger than Africa and was even comparable in size to the Moon.
In the UK, it is illegal to ride a hoverboard scooter in public.
The terms "UK" and "Great Britain" are not interchangeable: the United Kingdom includes Northern Ireland, while Great Britain does not.
Of all the countries that celebrate an independence day, 58 are independent of the UK, 26 of France, 21 of Russia and 21 of Spain.
of Britons have never had a one-night stand.
The King of Norway is 73rd in line to the British throne.
In the UK, you can never be more than 70 miles away from the sea.
Prince Charles has been first in line as heir to the UK's throne for more than 64 years.
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