1. Couples who are in love
    synchronize their
    heart rates

    after gazing into each others' eyes for three minutes.
  2. Cuddling triggers the same neurological reaction as taking painkillers.
  3. A beautiful face attracts more partners than a beautiful body, according to a scientific survey.
  4. The heart symbol was first used to denote love in the 1250. Prior to that, it represented foliage.
  5. It's scientifically proven: being in love makes you a less productive person.
  6. When You
    Fall in Love
    You Lose
    Two Close Friends.
  7. Romantic love is biochemically indistinguishable from having a severe obsessive-compulsive disorder.
  8. Philophobia is the fear of falling in love.
  9. 2% of couples have fallen in love in a supermarket, according to a survey.
  10. The founder of
    lost his girlfriend
    to a man she met
    on Match.com
  11. A heartbroken Argentine farmer spent decades cultivating a guitar-shaped forest to honor his late wife.
  12. Marriage started shifting from arranged to love-based marriages in the 18th Century.
  13. In 2014, a prisoner escaped a detention center in Arizona to spend Valentine's Day with his girlfriend.
  14. In ancient Greece, throwing an apple at someone was done to declare one's love.
  15. 23%
  16. of the couples who meet through online dating end up marrying.
  17. There are about 3 million first dates every day worldwide.
  18. Men are more likely to say "I love you" first than women are, a study found.
  19. "LOL" used to mean "lots of love" before the Internet.
  20. "Erotomania" is a psychological disorder in which the affected people believe a famous person is in love with them.
  21. In India, there is a vigilante group called the "Love Commandos" that offers protection from harassment to couples from different castes who fall in love.
  22. King Harald of Norway vowed to remain unmarried for life unless he could marry his true love, the daughter of a cloth merchant. She became the Queen of Norway.
  23. In Auschwitz, an SS guard fell in love with a Jewish prisoner. He saved her life multiple times and she testified on his behalf during his post-war trial.
  24. Einstein was stopped so much in public, he would reply, "Pardon me, sorry! Always I am mistaken for Professor Einstein."
  25. The Greek language has 4 words for love. Agape: Charitable love; Eros: Sexual love; Philia: Love between friends; and Storge: Family love.
  26. Sanskrit has 96 words
  27. for "love"
  28. ancient Persian has 80
  29. and English only one.
  30. Antidepressant drugs, already known to cause sexual side effects, may also suppress the basic human emotions of love and romance.
  31. During an orgasm, the brain is flooded with oxytocin, a possible explanation for why (some) couples like to cuddle after.
  32. Biological models of sex tend to view love as a mammalian drive, much like hunger or thirst.
  33. There's a Chinese deity, Tu'er Shen ("rabbit deity"), who manages the love and sex between homosexual men.
  34. Oxytocin is believed to have a more significant impact on women than on men, which may be why women associate sexual attraction or sexual activity with romance and love more than men do.
  35. Often referred to as the "love molecule", oxytocin is typically associated with helping couples establish a greater sense of intimacy and attachment.
  36. People with relatively prudent and reliable partners tend to perform better at work, earning more promotions, making more money, and feeling more satisfied with their jobs, according to research.
  37. Recovering from a break-up is like a kicking an addiction to a drug, researchers found from looking at the brain scans of the broken-hearted.
  38. Cuddling with your partner can significantly relieve pain and improve the healing of bruises due to the increased release in oxytocin.
  39. A survey revealed that 52% of women say their husband is not their soulmate.
  40. Looking at a photo of a loved one reduces pain by 44%, a study found.
  41. A series of studies found that couples who were more grateful toward each other were more likely to still be together 9 months later.
  42. The average human will spend 6.8% of their lives socializing with someone they love, or the equivalent of around 1,769 days.

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