1. Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world.
  2. Brazil has the 2nd highest number of airports in the world, after the U.S.
  3. Sex change surgeries are free under Brazil's public health system since 2008.
  4. Brazil occupies 47.3% of South America and borders all other countries except Ecuador and Chile.
  5. Brazil is defined as a "federal republic" composed of the Federal District, 26 states, and 5,570 municipalities.
  6. Almost 20% of
    Rio de Janeiro's males
    are gay
    or bisexual.
  7. Brazil's economy is the world's 7th-largest by GDP as of 2015.
  8. The Macaw is the national animal of Brazil.
  9. Brazil has been the largest producer of coffee for the last 150 years.
  10. Brazil is the world's first country to ban tanning beds.
  11. 92% of all new sold cars in Brazil
  12. use ethanol as fuel, which is produced from sugar cane.
  13. 35%
  14. of men from rural Brazil have had sex with an animal, a study found.
  15. Apple's iPhone is almost twice more expensive in Brazil than in the U.S.
  16. Brazil's Capital, Brasilia, looks like an aeroplane from above.
  17. Brazil once tried to sell an aircraft carrier on eBay.
  18. Rio de Janeiro was once the capital of Portugal,
  19. making it the only European capital outside of Europe.
  20. The biggest Japanese community outside of Japan is in Brazil.
  21. Rio de Janeiro means "January River" and it was called that by mistake. A Portuguese explorer thought the bay was the mouth of a river.
  22. The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, will be the first time a South American country has the right to host them.
  23. There's an underground river 4 KM (2.4 mi) beneath the Amazon River in Brazil, that might be as long, but hundreds of times wider.
  24. There's a colony in Brazil founded by 2,000 to 4,000 Confederate refugees who left the U.S. after losing the Civil War.
  25. About 4 million slaves were taken from Africa to Brazil, about 40% of all in the Americas.
  26. Voting is mandatory in Brazil.
  27. Brazil distributes women's breast milk around the country to babies whose mothers can't provide it for them.
  28. Brazil was the only independent South American country to send ground troops to fight in WW2, with over 25,000 soldiers.
  29. In 2010, a clown called "Tiririca" announced he would run for Congress in Brazil. He became the most-voted-for congressman of the election.
  30. Brazil's government spent US$53 million in public funds for Pope Francis' visit of 2013.
  31. The Bororo people of Brazil are one of the few groups of people where all have the same blood type: "O".
  32. In 2013, the world's 7th richest person, Brazilian Eike Batista, lost his US$30 billion fortune and now owes US$1 billion.
  33. In Brazil, just 43% of adults have a high-school degree. In Sweden, it's 87%.
  34. Replicas of the Statue of Liberty have been erected in Pakistan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Brazil and even China.
  35. The revolution that transformed Brazil into a republic was so uneventful that the few witnesses present didn't know it happened and the dethroned Emperor didn't even care.
  36. The Earth's magnetic field has been steadily weakening over the past 180 years, specially around Brazil and Argentina.
  37. There's an Island in Brazil where civilians are forbidden to go: it has up to 5 snakes per square meter.
  38. When the World Cup was hosted in the U.S. in 1994, they only spent US$30 million on infrastructure improvements. For the 2014 World Cup, Brazil spent US$11 billion.
  39. The main exporter of Brazil nuts is not Brazil. It's Bolivia.
  40. There's a 10,000-seat replica of Solomon's Temple in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  41. Rio de Janeiro's beaches have 1.7 million times the disease-causing viruses of what would be considered hazardous on a California beach.
  42. There's a prison in Brazil that allows inmates to pedal stationary bicycles, providing electricity to a nearby city in exchange for reduced sentences.
  43. Half of the top 20 cities in the world with the highest murder rates are in Brazil.
  44. There's a city
  45. in Brazil called
  46. "Nao-Me-Toque"
  47. meaning "Don't Touch Me."
  48. 3 of the 5 wealthiest people in Brazil got rich off beer.
  49. 15,000 billboards were taken down in 2006 when Sao Paulo, Brazil, banned outdoor advertising.
  50. Indonesia has the world's highest rate of deforestation, with Brazil as a close second.
  51. 8 of the 12 host cities for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil are among the 50 most violent cities in the world.
  52. Brazilian prisoners can
    reduce their sentence by
    4 days for every book they
    read and write a report on.
  53. Brazilian athletes funded their trip to the 1932 Olympics by selling coffee along the way.
  54. In 1958, a rhinoceros was a candidate in the city council elections in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  55. While most of the Amazon rainforest is in Brazil (60%), it's also in Peru (13%), Colombia (10%), Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia and three countries.
  56. The largest free rock concert ever had 4.2 million people. It was held by Rod Stewart in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  57. The largest population of Catholics in the world is not in Italy nor Spain. It's in Brazil: 123 million, 64% of its population.
  58. Brazil's Congress in 2016 includes suspects accused of murder and drug trafficking, a judo champ and a clown.
  59. A gram of cocaine costs
    €207 in Australia
  60. but just €9 in Brazil.
  61. Henry Ford tried to build an American industrialist utopia in the Brazilian jungle, "Fordlandia", to secure a source of cultivated rubber for his cars.

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