1. More people in the world are suffering from obesity than from hunger.
  2. 1 in 3 Americans is obese.
  3. People who regularly eat dinner or breakfast in restaurants double their risk of becoming obese.
  4. Mexico
  5. is the
  6. world's
  7. fattest country.
  8. "Good cholesterol" (HDL) can "turn bad" and solidify into fat-clogs.
  9. Chicken contains 266% more fat than it did 40 years ago.
  10. McDonalds' Caesar salad is more fattening than their hamburger.
  11. A Father's Diet Before Conception Plays a Crucial Role in a Child's Health.
  12. Lack of sleep
  13. can cause weight gain
  14. of 2 pounds (0.9 kg)
  15. in under a week.
  16. The average American eats 25 pounds (11.3 KG) of candy each year.
  17. You would have to walk for seven hours straight to burn off a Big Mac with a Super Sized Coke and French Fries.
  18. The people of the U.S. are collectively overweight by a total of about 4 billion pounds.
  19. Obese drivers are 78% more likely to die in a car crash.
  20. When you lose weight, most of the fat is breathed out as carbon dioxide while the rest is excreted as water.
  21. Both ancient Egyptian and Greek medicine recognized obesity as a medical disorder.
  22. Poor women in the U.S. have a higher rate of obesity than wealthier women.
  23. Some women in Mauritania force-feed their daughters because obesity for women is idealized in the country.
  24. 21%
  25. of all New York City elementary students from all income levels are obese.
  26. New Zealand will deny people residency visas if they are overweight. There have been cases of people rejected because of obesity.
  27. In rich countries, obesity is more common among the less educated, but in poor countries, obesity is more common among the highly educated.
  28. The University of Texas study followed 474 diet soda drinkers for nearly ten years and found that their waists grew 70% more than the waists of non-drinkers.
  29. People who eat spicy foods tend to live longer, according to a 2015 study.

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