1. The Pentagon has a plan for combating a zombie apocalypse.
  2. Jehovah's Witnesses don't celebrate birthdays because the only two accounts of birthday parties in the Bible ended in murder.
  3. In 2006, a woman farted on a plane and tried to cover up the smell by lighting matches, causing an emergency landing.
  4. Iran arrested 14 squirrels for spying in 2007.
  5. Two actors have died playing Judas in live Biblical productions by accidentally hanging themselves for real during his death scene.
  6. When Louis Pasteur was working on the rabies vaccine, if he or his assistants got infected, they were to be shot in the head.
  7. In Iran, a law from 2013 allows Men to marry their 13-year-old adopted daughters.
  8. There's a toilet-themed restaurant in Taiwan, where food is served on miniature toilets.
  9. The world's biggest family lives together in India: a man with 39 wives and 94 children.
  10. Gandhi never won the Nobel Peace Prize, despite being nominated five times.
  11. The World's oldest known creature, a mollusc, was 507 years old until scientists killed it by mistake.
  12. Part of the White House was built by slaves.
  13. A British teacher in Sudan was arrested because she allowed her primary school class to name a teddy bear "Muhammad".
  14. In 2013, a man bought a house next to his ex-wife just to install a giant middle finger statue for her to see every day.
  15. In 2009, Nigerian Police arrested a goat on suspicion of attempted armed robbery.
  16. In 2011, a woman
    bought a "non-visible"
    piece of art
    for $10,000.
  17. In 2013, a girl survived ASIANA's Plane Crash, only to be run over and killed by a responding fire truck.
  18. In Jamaica, sex between men is punishable with up to 10 years' imprisonment. But lesbian action is allowed.
  19. In 2011, a man killed his wife inside the Walmart she was working at. Rather than close the store, they chose to just rope off the gore-splattered area while police investigated.
  20. In 2006, The FBI planted an informant pretending to be a radical Muslim in a mosque, and the Muslims in the mosque reported him to the FBI.
  21. Charles Darwin Ate Every Animal He Discovered.
  22. Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Mussolini and Hitler, all suffered from ailurophobia, the fear of cats.
  23. In Texas, it is legal to kill BigFoot if you ever find it.
  24. Nelson Mandela was not removed from the U.S. terror watchlist until 2008.
  25. A man was jailed and fined US$1500 in Oregon, U.S.A., for collecting rainwater because it is considered ‘property of the state'.
  26. A man received the heart of a suicide victim, married his widow, and years later killed himself on the same way his donor did.
  27. The world's first labour strike was held on the site of a pyramid.
  28. In 2005, A Chinese company used skin harvested from the corpses of executed convicts to develop beauty products for sale in Europe.
  29. Construction workers in Brazil cemented a car on a pavement after its driver refused to move it.
  30. The world's oldest hotel has been operating since 705 AD.
  31. Lobsters are considered to be the cockroaches of the sea.
  32. A Colombian woman was raised by monkeys after being kidnaped and abandoned in the jungle as a child.
  33. Cotton Candy was invented by a dentist.
  34. In 2011, a monkey was arrested in Pakistan for crossing the border with India.
  35. For many centuries, Chinese women endured a practice where their feet were systematically broken and shaped in such a way that they resembled hooves.
  36. The Roman Emperor Gaius Caligula made his horse a senator.
  37. Octopuses are eaten alive in Korea.
  38. During the 7th century B.C., ancient Roman "vestal virgins" were required to keep their hymens intact as proof of virginity until age 30 or they would be buried alive.
  39. Cockroaches appeared 120 million years before dinosaurs.
  40. The night before his execution, a man in Georgia escaped from prison and, later that night, was beaten to death in a bar fight.
  41. In 2012, a couple invited Queen Elizabeth II to their wedding as a joke, and she turned up.
  42. There's a species of fish called "Slippery Dick".
  43. Cleopatra, the last Pharaoh of Egypt, was actually Greek, not Egyptian.
  44. Heroin was initially used to treat people addicted to morphine.
  45. As a child, Hitler wanted to be a priest.
  46. All three Grammys Elvis Presley won, were for his gospel songs.
  47. Hitler
    was nominated for the
    Nobel Peace Prize
    in 1939.
  48. In the USA, ransom payments to kidnappers are tax-deductible.
  49. Saddam Hussein wrote a Romantic Novel.
  50. The Golden Gate uses the largest bridge cables ever made, long enough to encircle the world more than 3 times at the equator.
  51. In Halden, a high-security prison in Norway, every cell has a flatscreen TV, an en-suite shower and fluffy, white towels.
  52. Even though the Hindenburg was inflated with 7 million cubic feet of highly flammable hydrogen gas, it had a smoking room.
  53. The Golden State Fence Company, hired to build part of the US-Mexico border wall, was fined US$5M for hiring illegal immigrant workers.
  54. Global warming 'solved' a land dispute
    between India and Bangladesh:
    the island in dispute disappeared.
  55. One drop of the Beaked Sea Snake venom can kill 3 adult men.
  56. A rat can last longer without water than a camel.
  57. Cy Twombly's painting "Untitled" is worth up to US$2,3 million.
  58. In 1967, the Nigerian Civil War ground to a halt for two days because both sides wanted to watch soccer player Pele in an exhibition match.
  59. An earthquake on Dec. 16, 1811 caused parts of the Mississippi River to flow backwards.
  60. The sport of 'Ultimate Frisbee' is recognised by the International Olympic Committee.
  61. Mathematician Paul Erdos could calculate in his head, given a person's age, how many seconds they had lived, when he was just 4 years old.
  62. Over 30 of Paul Walker's cars were stolen from a warehouse within 24 hours of his tragic death.
  63. A survey found that almost 9% of Americans fear zombies, which don't even exist.
  64. In Virginia, it is illegal to hunt on a Sunday, except for raccoons, which can be hunted until 2 AM.
  65. 20%
    of all women in London during the 1700s were prostitutes.
  66. The head of the CIA had his AOL email account hacked by a teenager in 2015.
  67. Some snakes, komodo dragons, sharks and turkeys are capable of "virgin births", meaning, asexual reproduction.
  68. A cat nicknamed "Unsinkable Sam" survived the sinking of three separate ships during WW2.
  69. Scientists can locate colonies of Penguins from space just by looking for dark ice patches of penguin poop.
  70. Jessica Cox became the world's first licensed armless pilot in 2008.
  71. A Liverpool fan killed himself when his team was 3-0 down in the 2005 Champions League final's first half. They came back to win the game in the second half.
  72. During a mating bout, lions have sex 20 to 40 times a day for a couple of days.
  73. During the Nazi regime, two twins with a Jewish father separated at birth. One grew up a Nazi and the other one grew up a Jew. They met again 25 years later.
  74. William Bullock, inventor of the web rotary press, was killed by his own invention.
  75. Brazil's Congress in 2016 includes suspects accused of murder and drug trafficking, a judo champ and a clown.
  76. President Theodore Roosevelt was shot in the chest during a campaign stop and he still finished his speech with a bullet lodged in him.
  77. You can legally smash a car window to save pets from overheating in Florida.
  78. A couple from Paraguay moved in together in 1933. After 80 years, 8 children and 50 grandchildren, the 103-year-old man married his 99-year-old bride.
  79. A six-limbed octopus was found by an American family on vacation in 2013. It was only the second recorded worldwide. They ate it.
  80. In 2015, a man dressed up as an armored truck driver and tricked Walmart into giving him US$75,000.
  81. In 2013, PayPal accidentally credited US$92 quadrillion to a Pennsylvania man.
  82. Jose Maria Velasco was elected 5 times to be the President of Ecuador and was ousted 4 times.
  83. When Dr. James Barry —a renowned British Army surgeon— died in 1865, they discovered it was actually a woman disguised as a man.
  84. A tomato plant was found on a volcanic island. It had grown from the feces of a scientist that took a dump there.
  85. Dubai man Mohammad Basheer bought a lottery ticket before boarding an Emirates flight that crashed. He escaped the crash and won the lottery.
  86. In 1948, a man robbed a bank by pretending to be a public health official and giving cyanide to every bank employee as a "dysentery inoculation."
  87. At 67 years old, a Polish adventurer made the longest open-water kayak crossing of the Atlantic in history, going from Lisbon to Florida in 6 months.
  88. In 2013, female stockings covered in fake male hair became a fashion hit in China as a way to deter unwanted male attention.
  89. In 2015, a Michigan doctor was sentenced to 45 years in prison for giving chemotherapy to patients who didn't actually have cancer.
  90. In China, some families pay for "ghost marriages," employing a matchmaker to help find a suitable spouse for their deceased loved ones.
  91. A scientist cracked his knuckles on one hand for over 50 years to prove it did not cause Arthritis.
  92. John C. Beale, a man who pretended to be a CIA secret agent, flew around the world on first-class flights, stayed in high-end hotels and cost the taxpayers almost US$900,000.
  93. A man named Jack Ass tried to sue TV show and movie "Jackass" for US$10 million.
  94. In 2007, a Delaware man filed suit against his doctors for a surgical mix-up that left him urinating feces and pooping urine.
  95. In 2010, the Iranian government banned certain "decadent western hairstyles" including ponytails, mullets and elaborate spikes.
  96. The world's tallest church, Ulm Minster in Germany, is being eroded away because men keep peeing on it.
  97. A zoo in Japan once spent four years trying to mate a pair of hyenas before realizing they were both males.
  98. In 2014, a man from Arizona stole a diamond worth US$160,000 and traded it for US$20 of weed.
  99. In 2012, a Hong Kong business tycoon offered a US$65 million reward for any man who can woo and marry his lesbian daughter.
  100. In 2004, a woman tried to use a fake million dollar bill to buy US$1,675 worth of merchandise at Wal-Mart and expected US$998,325 in change.
  101. In 1987, a man convinced 2.8 million people to send him a penny each for his college education.
  102. In 2013, a British man died after downing more than US$54,000 worth of pure liquid meth from a bottle he thought contained fruit juice.
  103. A fake U.S. Embassy operated in Ghana for about a decade, issuing false visas and other documents until it was discovered in 2016.
  104. Arthur Boycott, a pupil at Hereford Cathedral School, checked out a school library book. His granddaughter returned it 120 years later.
  105. A woman in Jacksonville, Florida, sold her urine and positive pregnancy tests in 2016 on Craigslist to pay for college.
  106. In 2012, a Hungarian far-right anti-Semitic politician discovered that he was Jewish. He left his party, and set out on a journey to learn and practise Judaism.
  107. In 2015, Spanish workers destroyed a 6,000-year-old Neolithic tomb, mistaking it for a broken picnic table. They replaced it with a ‘better' picnic table.
  108. 18 years after Vietnamese man Ma Van Nhat had surgery for injuries sustained in a car crash, doctors found surgical scissors in his abdomen.
  109. David Phyall, the last resident in a block of flats due to be demolished in Bishopstoke, England, decapitated himself with a chainsaw in 2008 to highlight the injustice of being forced to move out.
  110. Mary Toft, an English woman, became the center of considerable controversy when, in 1726, she convinced doctors that she had given birth to rabbits.
  111. Male jewel beetles often prefer to mate with beer bottles instead of female jewel beetles due to the beer bottle's large size and attractive coloring.
  112. In a German legend from the Middle Ages it was proposed that kissing a donkey would take away the pain of toothache.
  113. In 2013, Detroit temporarily stopped issuing death certificates because it ran out of paper.
  114. RadiThor, an energy drink sold in the 1920s, claimed it provided energy and cured a host of ailments, including impotence. It was simply radium dissolved in water, slowly killing its customers.
  115. In the 1980s, a one letter typo cost the Yellow Pages US$10 million when they misprinted a travel agency's advertisement for 'exotic vacations" as "erotic vacations."
  116. In 2013, a New York family bought a $3 bowl at a garage sale. It turned out to be an 11th-century Chinese bowl worth $2.2 million.
  117. In 2016, a French worker sued his ex-employer for €360,000 because his job was "too boring."
  118. Due to a technical glitch, a bank placed no limit on the amount an unemployed man from Australia could overdrawn from his account. He decided not to tell the bank and made 50 transactions over the next years to a total of US$2 million.
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