1. In the UK, the cost of raising a child from birth to 21 years old is over US$300,000.
  2. As a teenager, Steve Jobs traveled to India to seek enlightenment and returned as a Buddhist.
  3. There was
    no word for
    in ancient Greece.
  4. 43%
    of the world's olive oil production is done in Spain.
  5. Only 7% of Afghan homes have flush toilets.
  6. Researchers found that when jazz musicians improvise, their brains turn off areas linked to self-censoring and inhibition, and turn on those that let self-expression flow.
  7. McDonald's "Super Sizing" started as a Jurassic Park merchandising tie-in.
  8. Ronald Reagan almost died on the set of the 1951 comedy "Bedtime for Bonzo" when his costar—a chimp—strangled him by pulling on his tie.
  9. After WW2, a group of Jewish "Avengers" formulated a Holocaust revenge plan to kill 6 million Germans by poisoning the water supply of many German cities. However, it was foiled by British police while the poison was in transit.
  10. Africans are more genetically diverse than the inhabitants of the rest of the world combined.
  11. The inventor of the heart stent approached numerous companies for funding and was rejected. It was funded by the owner of Fuddrucker's restaurant, whom he met by chance on a golf course.
  12. People of the world produce roughly 1,043,000 tonnes (that's 2,299,421,390 lbs) of poop each day.
  13. Men with shaved heads are perceived as an inch taller and 13% stronger than men with hair.
  14. Rock Paper Scissors was invented in China, but popularized in Japan, where it's called "Janken."
  15. Although some individual zebras have been domesticated, most cannot. They are unpredictable and known to attack people.
  16. McDonald's is not the world's largest restaurant chain. Subway is.
  17. When Michael Jackson was 21, he wrote a personal note promising to re-invent himself as the greatest entertainer of all time.
  18. Human brains are 10% smaller than they were 20,000 years ago.
  19. The first sailing boats were invented in Egypt.
  20. A cooling cap can prevent breast cancer patients facing chemotherapy from losing their hair.
  21. Rats have near-death experiences.
  22. When 12-year-old Muhammad Ali's beloved bicycle was stolen, he reported the theft to a police officer who was also a boxing trainer. He helped Ali win his first fight in just six weeks.
  23. Yoda, from Star Wars, was almost played by a monkey.
  24. There's a skyscraper in New York City with no windows.
  25. A week's worth of the New York Times contains more information than the average 17th-century citizen encountered in a lifetime.
  26. Jellyfish are the ocean's most efficient swimmers, consuming 48% less oxygen than any other swimming animal.
  27. A zeptosecond, a trillionth of a billionth of a second, is the smallest division of time that has been observed.
  28. Alcohol doesn't make you forget anything. When you get blackout drunk, the brain temporarily loses the ability to create memories.
  29. Humans share the planet with as many as 8.7 million different forms of life, scientists estimate.
  30. Large Dogs
    Age Faster
    Die Younger.
  31. Over half of all British women under 50 have never been married.
  32. Unfaithful men have lower IQs
    according to a scientific study.
  33. The area surrounding Cape Canaveral was given the area code 321, like a launch countdown, after someone discovered it was not in use.
  34. 10%
    of the general population suffers from Alexithymia, the inability to identify and describe their own emotions.
  35. Bras were called "breast bags" in medieval times.
  36. In 1989, an innocent man was punished with the death penalty in Texas because the jury confused him for another with the same name, looks and height.
  37. Men who drink 6 or more cups of coffee daily decrease their risk of developing prostate cancer by 20%, a study found.
  38. In 1932, Winston Churchill went to a hotel in Munich two days in a row to have tea with Hitler. Hitler stood him up both times and the two men never met.
  39. If you weigh 150 lb (68 kg) on the Earth, you would weigh only 25 lb (11 kg) on the Moon.
  40. Wine and steak taste good together because each are at the opposite ends of the sensory spectrum.
  41. Lack of sleep
    can cause weight gain
    of 2 pounds (0.9 kg)
    in under a week.
  42. Dragonflies can get fat. They become less successful at finding a mate.
  43. The man who invented pop-up ads has apologized to the world for creating one of the Internet's most hated forms of advertising.
  44. The Crucian Carp can live without oxygen for months.
  45. The inventor of
    won a
    Nobel Prize for it.
  46. Arthur Guinness, founder of Guinness Brewery, had 21 children with just one wife.
  47. The city of New York will pay for a one-way plane ticket for any homeless person if they have a guaranteed place to stay elsewhere.
  48. The Allies parachuted dummies over Normandy on D-day to distract Nazi gunners from the real paratroopers.
  49. The American Civil War was one of the earliest true industrial wars. Railroads, the telegraph, steamships, and mass-produced weapons were employed extensively.
  50. Rats, mice and chickens display empathy, according to studies.
  51. A single brown bat can catch around 1,200 mosquito-size insects in one hour.
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