1. The country with the lowest average IQ is Equatorial Guinea, with an average of 59.
  2. Drinking caffeine in the evening delays our brain's release of melatonin and interrupts our circadian rhythm by as much as 40 minutes.
  3. Gelatin is derived from collagen, a protein collected from animal skin.
  4. After WW2, 1,500 German scientists were given amnesty on the condition that they work for the U.S. government .
  5. 90%
    of American kids, ages 8 to 16, has viewed porn online, mostly while doing homework.
  6. President Franklin Roosevelt moved Thanksgiving up by a week, so that the Christmas shopping season could start earlier.
  7. "I don't give a f*ck" first appeared on a 1790 poem.
  8. Prosopagnosia is a brain disorder characterized by the inability to recognize faces.
  9. Beethoven was a brilliant composer but struggled with sums and spelling his entire life.
  10. Many expensive Perfumes contain whale poop.
  11. Martin Luther King Jr. plagiarized a significant portion of his doctoral dissertation from one written by another student 3 years earlier.
  12. A major issue the Apollo astronauts pointed out was Moon dust. It caused 'lunar hay fever,' problems with space suits, and dust storms in the crew cabin upon returning to space.
  13. 68% of the people suffer from Phantom Vibration Syndrome, the feeling that one's phone is vibrating when it's not.
  14. Mexico
    is the
    fattest country.
  15. The last surviving WW1 Veteran was a woman. She was a waitress at an air base.
  16. Inca architecture was built to be earthquake resistant. Inca masonry is effective in withstanding even major tremors.
  17. Eminem wrote and recorded "The Real Slim Shady" just 3 hours before his album was due.
  18. Actor Nicolas Cage purchased his own tomb, a 9-foot-tall pyramid-shaped mausoleum in a famed New Orleans graveyard, with an inscription in Latin: "Everything From One."
  19. No U.S Navy submarine is ever considered "lost" if it does not return. It's considered to be "still on patrol."
  20. In 1728, the philosopher Voltaire got rich by outsmarting the lottery. The prize money was larger than the cost of all the tickets combined, so Voltaire and his friend formed a syndicate, bought all the tickets, and won several times.
  21. Smoking near Apple computers voids the warranty.
  22. The first violence of the French Revolution took place at a luxury wallpaper factory.
  23. Parrots can live for up to 80 years.
  24. There's a restaurant built into a grotto in Italy.
  25. The original 'Gone in 60 Seconds' has the longest car chase in movie history at 40 minutes and wrecked and destroyed 93 cars in the process.
  26. Argentina's retired soccer player Diego Maradona has his own religion made by his fans.
  27. Some 5,500 WW2 bombs are discovered in Germany every year and defused, an average of 15 per day.
  28. Ants can lift objects 50 times their own body weight.
  29. Harvard offers free tuition if your family makes under US$65,000 per year.
  30. 51 of the world's 100 wealthiest bodies are corporations.
  31. 21%
    of U.S. casualties in WW2 occured through friendly fire.
  32. In 1978, a student in the U.S. working a minimum wage job could pay for 4 years of college with no debt.
  33. A study using MRI scans showed that the brains of people who exercise moderately look 10 years younger than those who don't.
  34. North Korea is officially not Communist. Since 2009 its ideology is called "Juche".
  35. A series of studies found that couples who were more grateful toward each other were more likely to still be together 9 months later.
  36. Max Planck's physics professor advised him against going into physics, saying, "in this field, almost everything is already discovered." He went on to become the initial founder of quantum theory.
  37. The 'de-militarized' zone between North and South Korea is the world's most militarized zone.
  38. New Yorkers drink almost 7 times more coffee than other cities in the US.
  39. Some of the gifts the U.S President has received from foreign countries over the years includes 300 pounds of raw lamb, a puppy, 2 pandas, and a copy of the Witcher 2.
  40. McDonald's is set to have fewer locations in 2016, for first time ever.
  41. Hyperthymesia is the condition of remembering every single experience in your life.
  42. Lack of oxygen in the brain for 5 to 10 minutes results in permanent brain damage.
  43. Pope Pius II wrote a popular erotic book called "The Tale Of Two Lovers" before assuming office.
  44. The “Latte Index”, developed by The Wall Street Journal, compares the cost of a tall Starbucks latte in dozens of cities around the world to estimate which currencies are overvalued and undervalued.
  45. The astronauts in the Challenger Explosion survived the initial explosion and were alive for nearly three minutes, until the cabin crashed into the ocean at a speed of 200 mph.
  46. People who get married between 28 and 32 split up least in the ensuing years, a study found.
  47. A 'bobsled' is so named because early racers bobbed their heads back and forth to gain speed (which didn't work).
  48. Abraham Lincoln was the first U.S. President born outside of the original 13 colonies.
  49. Any month that starts on a Sunday contains a Friday the 13th in it.
  50. In France, it's illegal to name a pig "Napoleon".
  51. Almonds come from the same family as peaches.
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