1. During WW1, New Zealand raised an army of 100,000 men, about 10% of its population.
  2. We use the word "Cancer" as a medical diagnosis because Hippocrates thought the tumors looked like crabs.
  3. There is a persistent storm at Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela. Lightning storms occur for about 10 hours a night, 140 to 160 nights a year, for a total of about 1.2 million lightning discharges per year.
  4. Spain has the fourth highest life expectancy in the world with 82.8 years.
  5. Britney Spears' used pregnancy test was sold on eBay for $5,001.
  6. The speed of sound
    underwater travels nearly
    five times faster
    than it does in the air.
  7. Justin Timberlake had a company figure out his concerts' carbon footprint and paid to have trees and bushes planted in those cities.
  8. Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa became the world's most famous painting after it was stolen from the Louvre in 1911.
  9. Piranhas only attack you if you mess with them or their eggs.
  10. In Japan, Burger King has an all-black burger.
  11. 5,000 years ago, watermelons were pale-green, and bitter. As watermelons were bred to become sweeter, their flesh slowly changed to red.
  12. Roughly a third of the world's adult population smokes.
  13. Men with attractive wives report higher levels of satisfaction with their marriages, a study says.
  14. A study found having a teacher who believes climate change is real is a strong positive predictor of students' belief in global warming.
  15. The Nazis are believed to have sterilised 400,000 Germans deemed to have lives not worth living.
  16. There are over 30 replicas of the Eiffel Tower around the world.
  17. Religious practices, like prayer and attending services, is associated with lower levels of psychological distress.
  18. Redheads are more likely to develop melanoma (skin cancer) than people with other hair colors.
  19. A bear fought in the Polish Army in WW2. He carried shells to the frontline and was taught to salute.
  20. Saltless surfing takes place in winter months on the Great Lakes, with waves exceeding 30ft (9m).
  21. McDonald's is not the world's largest restaurant chain. Subway is.
  22. Sex is banned aboard the ISS (International Space Station).
  23. In 1942, the Canadians and the British Navy launched a practice invasion of France, the "Dieppe Raid." 20% were killed, 10% wounded, 30% captured. The lessons learned in that disaster lead to D-Day's success.
  24. 6%
    of the world's population has an Internet addiction.
  25. Psychologists examined Internet trolls and found that they are "narcissistic, psychopathic, and sadistic".
  26. In Iceland, up until 1987 there was no television at all on Thursdays.
  27. UPS Delivery Trucks Save 10 Million Gallons of Gas Every Year by Making No Left Turns.
  28. Hiroshima and Nagasaki are not radioactive anymore mostly because the bombs didn't touch the ground but were detonated in the air.
  29. North Korea has its own operating system called Red Star OS.
  30. The name of TIME Magazine actually stands for
    The International Magazine of Events.
  31. Japan consists of
    over 6,800 islands.
  32. Theodore and Eleanor Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Henry Truman, all reported sightings of Abraham Lincoln's Ghost at the White House.
  33. Mexico is named after its capital
    Mexico City, not the other way around.
  34. The cost of sequencing a human genome went from US$100 million in 2007 to about US$3,000 in 2012.
  35. Mr. T's gold collection is worth over US$120,000.
  36. Demand for quinoa in Western nations has pushed up prices so much that poorer people in Peru and Bolivia , where quinoa is from, can no longer afford their staple crop.
  37. Until the year 2000, Disney theme park workers were forbidden from growing facial hair.
  38. The wombat's poop is cubic.
  39. More people in the world are suffering from obesity than from hunger.
  40. The Pyramids of Giza were more ancient to the ancient Romans, than Ancient Rome is ancient to us.
  41. Nazi Joseph Goebbels' wife's descendants are Germany's richest family nowadays.
  42. Over 100,000 people have applied for a one-way trip to colonize Mars in 2022.
  43. Dr. Ruth, the famous sex therapist, was once a sniper in the Israeli army.
  44. The average woman in New York spends 19 minutes primping and 7 minutes deciding what to wear each day.
  45. Children inherit four times as many new mutations from their fathers than their mothers, according to research.
  46. To your brain, one sleepless night is the cognitive equivalent of being legally drunk.
  47. More than 60% of pandas born in captivity die within a week.
  48. Some non-redheaded men have red beards because they have one copy of the MC1R gene. Two copies would make them fully redheads.
  49. Some Coyotes in the U.S. have learnt how traffic lights work so they can cross the road safely.
  50. Hedgehogs may have as many as 500 fleas on them at one time.
  51. Norway was originally called "Nordweg," meaning the "Northern Way."
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