1. The shortest Oscar Speech ever was given by Patty Duke in 1962, who at age 16, the youngest person to accept an Oscar in a competitive category, said "Thank You", and walked off the stage.
  2. When Steve Jobs was 13, he was given a summer job by Bill Hewlett (of Hewlett Packard) after Jobs cold-called him to ask for parts for an electronics project
  3. 61% of Americans say they text while driving.
  4. 59% of Americans believe online dating is a good way to meet people.
  5. Theodore and Eleanor Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Henry Truman, all reported sightings of Abraham Lincoln's Ghost at the White House.
  6. Montpelier, Vermont is the only United States capital without a McDonalds.
  7. 52% of Americans think it's more important to protect their right to own a gun than implement gun control.
  8. There are 80,000 ramen shops throughout Japan.
  9. 7.8 million premature global deaths could be avoided every year if people ate ten portions of fruits and vegetables a day.
  10. Officials in western Canada warned motorists in 2016 not to interact with moose if they find them licking salt off their cars.
  11. In 2005, a fortune cookie company got the lottery numbers right, resulting in 110 winners and an investigation.
  12. In 2016, a French worker sued his ex-employer for €360,000 because his job was "too boring."
  13. Steve Jobs relieved stress by soaking his feet in Apple's company toilets.
  14. Queen, the iconic rock band, was originally called Smile.
  15. A person from Accident, Maryland is called an "Accidental".
  16. Although he lived in the United States for 40 years, Charlie Chaplin never applied for American citizenship. He was born in London.
  17. In an agreement during the Cuban Missile Crisis, Krushchev agreed to remove all nuclear weapons from Cuba; he didn't - he left 100 missiles behind.
  18. In 1877, Charles Darwin traveled to Stonehenge to conduct research on a subject that had long fascinated him: earthworms.
  19. Ronald Reagan almost died on the set of the 1951 comedy "Bedtime for Bonzo" when his costar—a chimp—strangled him by pulling on his tie.
  20. No one has ever gotten a perfect score on the gaokao, the 9-hour Chinese college entrance exam.
  21. Only great apes (including humans), a single Asiatic elephant, dolphins, orcas, and the Eurasian magpie have been found to recognize themselves in the mirror.
  22. The "high place phenomenon" is the sudden urge to jump off a high place, such as a bridge.
  23. In 2016, a UPS driver who spotted "call 911" written on a package helped police free a woman who was being held captive in her own home.
  24. Teen suicide attempts in the U.S. declined after same-sex marriage became legal and the biggest impact was among gay, lesbian and bisexual kids.
  25. Mathematician Kurt Gödel lived on a diet of baby food, laxatives and butter.
  26. Houseflies live for 25 to 30 days, not 24 hours.
  27. George Harrison was the first Beatle to go vegetarian.
  28. Dalmatians are white at birth. Their first spots usually appear within 3 to 4 weeks after birth
  29. When Facebook acquired Instagram for about $1 billion, the company had just 13 employees.
  30. Espresso has more caffeine per unit volume than most coffee beverages, but because the usual serving size is much smaller, the total caffeine content is less than a mug of standard brewed coffee.
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