1. A Courthouse in Boise City, Oklahoma, was mistakenly bombed by the US Air Force during a WW2 training mission. The city preserved one unexploded bomb.
  2. Scotland, then called Caledonia, was one of the few countries that was able to hold off being conquered by the Romans.
  3. Is Islamic law, money isn't allowed to generate more money by being put into a bank account or lent to someone else. Banks make their money by sharing the risk of their investments with investors, operating on a profit-loss basis.
  4. A Harvard study found that 80% of Trump press coverage was negative during his first 100 days in office.
  5. Wine and steak taste good together because each are at the opposite ends of the sensory spectrum.
  6. The name jaguar is derived from the Native American word yaguar, which means “he who kills with one leap.”
  7. Whenever you have an overwhelming emotional response combined with goosebumps, you are experiencing a “frisson”.
  8. Centipede reproduction does not involve copulation. In many cases, males centipedes just leave a spermatophore for the females to find.
  9. The laws of physics break down at the center of a black hole.
  10. Despite being one of the richest man in the world, Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA, lives in a small home, eats at IKEA and takes the bus.
  11. In 1998, Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos became an early investor in Google. He invested US$250,000, which was worth about US$2.2 billion today.
  12. The myth that chewing gum stays in your body for 7 years is untrue. It moves through your digestive system and out the other end within a day or two if swallowed.
  13. "Rap God" by Eminem packs 1,560 words into a 6 min 4 sec song. That's over 4 words per second. It holds the world record for most words in a hit single.
  14. The Livraria Bertrand, in Lisbon, Portugal, is the oldest bookstore in the world still in operation. It opened in 1732.
  15. The U.S. Constitution is the only constitution from the 18th century that's still being used today.
  16. Ketchup doesn't spoil easily and can be good for up to two years past its expiration date.
  17. The world's first nudist colony, founded in India in 1891, was called the Fellowship of the Naked Trust.
  18. Jeff Goldblum was offered to be the voice of Siri by Steve Jobs himself.
  19. In the U.S., Homeopathy treatments must be labelled to say they do not work.
  20. There are more Catholics in Scotland than in Northern Ireland.
  21. Feeding curry to a sheep reduces the amount of methane in its farts by up to 40%.
  22. In New Jersey, it's illegal to wear a bulletproof vest while committing a violent crime.
  23. Only one third of the snakes that starred in the movie "Snakes on a Plane" were real, and no more than 60 real snakes were on set at any one time.
  24. In 2014, Taylor Swift accidentally released 8 seconds of white noise on iTunes for $1.29. It became #1 in Canada almost immediately before being removed.
  25. Friedrich August Kekulé discovered the ring-shaped structure of the organic chemical compound benzene while daydreaming about the famous circular symbol of a snake eating its own tail.
  26. The EU banned cheese made in Stilton to be called Stilton cheese.
  27. The Nebra Sky Disc (1600 BC) is the earliest known space map and the oldest known portable astronomical instrument.
  28. A group of flamingos is called a flamboyance.
  29. The letters Q, W, and X were illegal in Turkey for 85 years.
  30. Alfred Nobel, inventor of the dynamite, was astonished to read his own obituary, titled "The merchant of death is dead," in a French newspaper. It was Alfred's brother who had died, but the episode made him reconsider his legacy. His last will specified that his fortune be used to create the Nobel Prize.
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