1. Rolex replaced, for free, all watches seized by the Germans from shot-down allied pilots in WW2.
  2. For the Rio Olympics, 70,000 families were displaced.
  3. 98% of Britons consider themselves to be among the nicest 50% of the population.
  4. In Wisconsin, the word people most often google ‘how to spell' is ‘Wisconsin'.
  5. During its lifetime, the International Space Station will be hit by 100,000 meteoroids.
  6. Scientists can deduce someone's lifestyle --grooming products they use, food they eat and medications they take-- from chemicals found on the surface of their mobile phone.
  7. Bank robberies in Italy accounted for almost half of such thefts in the European Union in 2009.
  8. Aristotle thought plants had souls.
  9. Illegal baby names in New Zealand include Lucifer, Christ and Messiah.
  10. Sulfhemoglobinemia is a condition
    where a person develops green blood.
  11. Dragonflies have a kill rate of 95%.
  12. The Ottoman Empire was so large that it takes more than 20 countries to cover the area today.
  13. The Hubble Space Telescope only takes pictures in shades of black and white.
  14. The biggest knitted objects in the world are the 45 Uros Islands in Lake Titicaca in Peru. They are strong enough to hold several hundred people, buildings and boats.
  15. Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, under fire for sexual harassment allegations, has been thanked about 34 times in Oscar speeches.
  16. Napoleon's penis is believed to be owned by the daughter of John Lattimer, a New Jersey urologist.
  17. John F. Kennedy's brain was removed and stored in the National Archive after his autopsy. The brain was subsequently lost and remains missing to this day.
  18. Post-it notes should be peeled horizontally, not in an upwards motion which causes the paper to curl.
  19. The pistol shrimp produces a sound louder than a rock concert (210 dB). It was named "Synalpheus pinkfloydi" in honour of the rock band by zoologist and Pink Floyd fan Dr Sammy de Grave.
  20. The Climbing gourami is a fish that has the ability to climb out of water, breathe oxygen, and even walk for short distances.
  21. Tolstoy had his first cycling lesson at 67.
  22. In medieval times, the word ‘abracadabra' was written out in a triangular shape and worn around the neck in an amulet to make deadly diseases go away.
  23. Serial killer Charles Manson was going to get married in 2015 but he called off when he realized his fiancee just wanted his corpse for display as a tourist attraction.
  24. Only 20% of the Kama Sutra is about sexual positions. Most is about the philosophy and theory of love, what triggers desire, what sustains it, and how and when it's good or bad.
  25. Roman emperor Diocletian retired in 305 AD to grow vegetables in his home town of Split, Croatia.
  26. An article that does not exist was cited in nearly 400 academic studies and scientific papers.
  27. Salvador Dalí was the most famous Surrealist artist, although the movement later expelled him for being fascinated with Hitler.
  28. The Spanish Flu did not start in Spain. The rest of Europe was at war and news was strictly censored, so Spanish newspapers became the most reliable source of information about it.
  29. Reggae star Bob Marley has had a blood-feeding fish parasite named after him. The "Gnathia marleyi" lives in Caribbean coral reefs.
  30. Rabbits lived a life of luxury in the same Nazi complexes as concentration camps such as Auschwitz and Dachau. Their wool was used to make warm clothes for the German military.
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