1. The world's most expensive phone number was auctioned in Qatar: 666 6666, sold for £1.5 million.
  2. "Video killed the radio star" was the best selling record in Australia for 27 years.
  3. Hugh Hefner funded some research in the 1980s that identified a subspecies of rabbit that dwells in the Florida Keys. The species was named after Hefner; its Latin name is Sylvilagus palustris hefneri.
  4. During Beethoven's autopsy, one doctor took his ear bones, locks of hair were clipped, and when his body was exhumed later in the 1800s, fragments of his skull were taken.
  5. The Hubble Space Telescope is powerful enough to spot the light of a firefly at a distance of some 7,000 miles.
  6. In California, the word people most often google ‘how to spell' is ‘Beautiful'.
  7. There's a monument to honour the almost 1 million Allied horses who died during WW1.
  8. The average Olympic Games goes 156% over its budget.
  9. In French episodes of The Simpsons, Homer's catchphrase ‘D'oh!' is dubbed as ‘T'oh!'
  10. Taking Pi to 39 digits allows you to measure the circumference of the observable universe to within the width of a single hydrogen atom.
  11. The US Department of Defense is the biggest employer in the world, with 3.2 million people.
  12. During eclipses, spiders can be seen to dismantle their own webs.
  13. Matthew McConaughey's brother, Rooster McConaughey, named his son Miller Lyte and got free beer for a year.
  14. 1 in 3 antibiotic prescriptions
    written in U.S. medical offices are unnecessary, a report found.
  15. Kiribati, an island chain in the Pacific Ocean, is the only country in the world that is situated within all four hemispheres of the globe.
  16. Prisoners in Belgium have a computer station with an headset and limited access to the internet in their cells. They can also order PPV films (including adult ones), "making the prison run more efficiently".
  17. Drivers in NYC spend an average of 107 hours per year searching for parking at a cost of $2,243 per driver in wasted time, fuel and emissions.
  18. There is only one country left in the world where women can't vote: Vatican City.
  19. Fox was contractually obligated to offer Frank Sinatra the lead role in the "Die Hard" movie, but he turned it down.
  20. Only 11% of Japanese people are willing to fight for their country, the lowest in the world. In Morocco and Fiji it's 94%.
  21. The electricity required for a single Bitcoin trade could power a house for a whole month.
  22. The average lifetime savings amount for U.S. working-age families is around $95,000.
  23. The mathematics that makes Wi-Fi possible was developed by a team of physicists looking for tiny black holes.
  24. The record number of people dressed like Einstein in one place is 404.
  25. From 1983 to 2000, 96% of U.S. plane crash victims survived.
  26. Cuba Gooding Jr.'s dad was banned from the set of "Jerry Maguire" for asking Tom Cruise if he was gay or not.
  27. Sri Lanka has a Ministry of Coconut Development.
  28. Shortly after Charles Manson was arrested, he wrote to one of his followers from jail, asking her to kill President Ford. She approached Ford and pointed a gun at his face but was tackled to the ground by Secret Service agents.
  29. The American flag is reversed on military uniforms so that when the soldier marches forward, the flag also faces forward, not in retreat.
  30. The CEO of low budget airline Ryanair wanted to charge passengers £1 to use the onboard toilets. The policy was never implemented because it violated EU regulations.
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