1. In 2015, a Chinese father, fed up with his son's unemployed ways which he blamed on his daily feed of video games, hired a virtual “hit man” to knock him off at the game.
  2. The Japanese word "tsundoku" means buying books and not getting around to reading them.
  3. Viking names included ‘desirous of beer', ‘lust-hostage', ‘short penis', ‘able to fill a bay with fish by magic', ‘the man who mixes his drinks' and ‘the man without trousers'.
  4. The longest Cricket Test match was played over 12 days between England and South Africa in 1939 and it was eventually abandoned, otherwise the England team would have missed the boat for home.
  5. Samuel Morse, inventor of the Morse Code, sent the first telegram from Washington to Baltimore in 1844. It read “WHAT HATH GOD WROUGHT?”
  6. Dolphins are not automatic air-breathers like we humans are. Every breath is a conscious effort.
  7. Christopher Walken was a lion tamer before becoming a famous actor.
  8. Barack Obama scooped ice cream in high school.
  9. The Movie "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" title was translated in Israel to "It's Raining Falafel".
  10. Many Church bells in Europe ring every day at noon. It started out in 1456 as a call for believers to pray for the defenders of the city of Belgrade.
  11. 60% of Jamaicans would prefer to become a British territory again, a 2011 survey found.
  12. Rapper B.o.B. has been a vocal proponent of the theory that claims the Earth is flat and started a crowd-funding campaign to prove it.
  13. King Sobhuza II of Swaziland, who died in 1982, had 70 wives, who gave him 210 children.
  14. A total eclipse of the sun occurs on any given point on the Earth's surface once every 375 years.
  15. William Shatner sold his kidney stone for US$25,000, which paid for the building of a house by Habitat for Humanity.
  16. The word ‘hundred' derives from ‘hundra' in Old Norse, which originally meant 120.
  17. Testosterone evolved 500 million years ago — from estrogen.
  18. In 2013, Star Wars was dubbed in Navajo, making it the first major film to be dubbed in a Native American language.
  19. The world's most expensive phone number was auctioned in Qatar: 666 6666, sold for £1.5 million.
  20. "Video killed the radio star" was the best selling record in Australia for 27 years.
  21. Hugh Hefner funded some research in the 1980s that identified a subspecies of rabbit that dwells in the Florida Keys. The species was named after Hefner; its Latin name is Sylvilagus palustris hefneri.
  22. During Beethoven's autopsy, one doctor took his ear bones, locks of hair were clipped, and when his body was exhumed later in the 1800s, fragments of his skull were taken.
  23. The Hubble Space Telescope is powerful enough to spot the light of a firefly at a distance of some 7,000 miles.
  24. In California, the word people most often google ‘how to spell' is ‘Beautiful'.
  25. There's a monument to honour the almost 1 million Allied horses who died during WW1.
  26. The average Olympic Games goes 156% over its budget.
  27. In French episodes of The Simpsons, Homer's catchphrase ‘D'oh!' is dubbed as ‘T'oh!'
  28. Taking Pi to 39 digits allows you to measure the circumference of the observable universe to within the width of a single hydrogen atom.
  29. The US Department of Defense is the biggest employer in the world, with 3.2 million people.
  30. During eclipses, spiders can be seen to dismantle their own webs.
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