1. Pluto was discovered
    by a young
    research assistant
    in 1930.
  2. Over 250 cinemas in the UK have Autism Friendly Screenings (AFS) in which the volume is lower, the lighting is darker and you can take your own food and drink.
  3. Some snakes, komodo dragons, sharks and turkeys are capable of "virgin births", meaning, asexual reproduction.
  4. Because of female sharks' resistance, fewer than 10% of mating attempts actually succeed.
  5. 15,000 billboards were taken down in 2006 when Sao Paulo, Brazil, banned outdoor advertising.
  6. People who weigh more than others see distances as farther away.
  7. In 2015, the marijuana market in the U.S. was bigger than craft beer, wine and organic food.
  8. Charles Domery, a Polish soldier of the 18th century, was recorded as having eaten 174 cats in a year.
  9. There's no "zero gravity" in space. Astronauts are in a constant state of free fall, which is why they appear to float.
  10. The modern concept of women shaving their armpits only began in 1915.
  11. Dogs and cats tend to be right-pawed or left-pawed.
  12. The first music video shown on MTV was "Video Killed the Radio Star."
  13. The head of the CIA had his AOL email account hacked by a teenager in 2015.
  14. About 18% of the far side of the moon is occasionally visible from Earth due to libration.
  15. There 2.5 million of Zero Rupee bank notes in India. They are "paid" in protest by angry citizens to government functionaries who solicit bribes.
  16. A black hole the width of a nickel would have slightly more mass than Earth.
  17. About 5% of babies of both sexes can lactate.
  18. Humans, killer whales and short-finned pilot whales are the only species in which females live well beyond menopause.
  19. Dinosaurs lived on Earth for 150 million years. We've been around for just 0.1% of that time.
  20. Gallium is a metal that melts in your hand.
  21. Around 1 in 10 convicts in Finland escaped prison in 2013, making it the prison-break capital of Europe.
  22. Some birds around Chernobyl appear to be evolving to suit the radioactive environment.
  23. Dr. Seuss was the first to publish the word "nerd."
  24. An alligator's jaw is U-shaped, while a crocodile has a V-shaped jaw. That's a quick way to identify one or the other.
  25. Some Buddhist monks in Japan used to practice self-mummification by adhering to a special diet, then sealing themselves alive into burial chambers.
  26. Sympathizing with Kim Jong-un, leader of North Korea, is an illegal act in South Korea. Even blogging can land you in jail.
  27. Cashews are not nuts. They are drupes.
  28. In 1981, a man who had been bullying residents of a small Missouri town was murdered in broad daylight when 46 people rose up against him, in an act of vigilante justice.
  29. In developing countries, women are half as likely as men to speak out online.
  30. In 2016, a court in Saudi Arabia sentenced a man to 10 years in prison and 2,000 lashes for asserting his atheism through Twitter posts.
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