1. The rock band ZZ Top has had the same members since 1969 without changes. That's 47 years up until 2016.
  2. The U.S. officially adopted the metric system in 1975 when President Gerald Ford signed the Metric Conversion Act.
  3. A statue of Jesus in India had water mysteriously dripping from its toes. Worshipers would collect and sometimes drink it. The source of the water was later found to be a clogged toilet near the statue.
  4. Flowers have only existed for 160 million years, appearing way after Dinosaurs.
  5. Australia is as big as the continental U.S.
  6. Countries within the European Union are experiencing their longest period of peace since the Roman Empire.
  7. The Catholic Church had a list of banned books until 1966, one of which was "Les Miserables."
  8. There's a service called "Cleaning for a Reason" in the U.S. and Canada that cleans the houses of women with cancer for free so they can focus on their health.
  9. Actor Daniel Radcliffe once wore the same outfit for 6 months to make paparazzi angry.
  10. Shia LaBeouf's name literally translates into "Thank God for Beef."
  11. "F*ck your ancestors to the 18th generation" is a Chinese insult, due to the high respect for one's ancestors.
  12. The average shower wastes
    20 gallons (75 L) of water.
  13. Despite his profanity-laced songs, Eminem doesn't allow swearing in his home.
  14. 1 divided by 998001 gives a complete sequence from 000 to 999 in order.
  15. You can preserve the tattoos of deceased loved ones as framed art.
  16. Millions of tonnes of the world's electronic waste ends up in Africa where it is dumped in landfills.
  17. A horse's hoof is technically a single toe, so horses run on their toes.
  18. The first words of the third man on the moon were, "Whoopee! Man, that may have been a small one for Neil, but that's a long one for me."
  19. The Khasi people in Meghalaya, India, grow living bridges with tree roots.
  20. Most aphids are born pregnant.
  21. The word "OK" originated in 1839 when a newspaper used it as a funny abbreviation of "oll korrect."
  22. Night and day on Earth only appear to last 45 minutes from the International Space Station.
  23. A six-limbed octopus was found by an American family on vacation in 2013. It was only the second recorded worldwide. They ate it.
  24. The octopus' suction cups are equipped with chemoreceptors so it can taste what it is touching.
  25. Comet Lovejoy released as much alcohol as the amount found in 500 bottles of wine every second during its peak activity.
  26. In about 5 billion years, the Sun will deplete its supply of hydrogen and helium, turning into a red giant star, consuming Mercury and Venus and maybe even Earth.
  27. The Fastest Goal in Soccer history was scored just over 2 seconds after kick-off.
  28. Isaac Newton's last words were, "the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me."
  29. Although Porsche is owned by Volkswagen Group, Volkswagen Group is owned by Porsche Holdings.
  30. Two engineering students developed a way to extinguish fires using sound waves.
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