1. Marijuana absorbs nuclear radiation. In 1998, the Ukraine's Institute of Bast Crops planted industrial marijuana to help remove contaminants in the soil near Chernobyl.
  2. The brain can't actually feel pain despite its billions of neurons.
  3. A bolt of lightning contains enough energy to toast 160,000 pieces of bread.
  4. If you could see as well as the Camera on the Hubble Space Telescope, you would be able to read the fine print on a newspaper 1 mile away.
  5. Earth spins at around 1,000 mph and hurtles through space in its orbit around the sun at about 67,000 mph.
  6. A large raindrop, about the size of a house fly, has terminal fall speeds of about 10 meters per second (20 mph).
  7. 13 people died of alcohol poisoning in 1875 in Ireland when a brewery caught fire causing whiskey to flow through the streets.
  8. The solar system is 4.54 billion years old.
  9. Scientists have been able to genetically modify mosquitos so that they are unable to transmit malaria to humans.
  10. A Martian day is about 44 minutes longer than an Earth day.
  11. The average human will spend around 180 days of their life exercising.
  12. A man in Michigan has 29 college degrees, and is currently studying to get his 30th.
  13. The number of Americans who don't read books has nearly tripled since 1978.
  14. The world's largest underwater volcano, Tamu Massif, is the size of New Mexico.
  15. Lenticular clouds are rare formations that can look like UFOs. They are formed when wind encounters an obstruction such as a mountain.
  16. The Shenandoah salamander doesn't have lungs and breathes through its skin.
  17. The average human will spend 6.8% of their lives socializing with someone they love, or the equivalent of around 1,769 days.
  18. The Australian Plate is moving about 7 centimeters (2.8 inches) northwards every year.
  19. A UN report stated that 4 million people died in Indonesia as a result of famine and forced labor during the WW2 Japanese occupation.
  20. Scientists have created a functioning guitar the size of a human blood cell.
  21. Instead of "Once upon a time," many Korean folktales begin with "Back when tigers used to smoke..."
  22. Microwave ovens were invented by accident. Percy Spencer was standing in front of an active radar set when he noticed the candy bar he had in his pocket had melted.
  23. The Mediterranean Sea dried up
    about 5 million years ago,
    after it was sealed off
    from the Atlantic Ocean.
  24. The sun's surface is blisteringly hot at 10,340℉. while its atmosphere is another 300 times hotter.
  25. In 1983, the average life expectancy for a person with Down Syndrome was only 25 years old. It is now 60 years old.
  26. Astronomers estimate that the observable universe has more than 100 billion galaxies.
  27. When astronauts spend long periods of time at zero gravity in space, their hearts become more spherical and lose muscle mass.
  28. Tupac's last known words were "fuck you" spoken to police officers trying to gather information on his shooter.
  29. The US Postal Service handles 47% of the entire world's mail.
  30. A series of studies found that couples who were more grateful toward each other were more likely to still be together 9 months later.
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