1. In 1948, a man robbed a bank by pretending to be a public health official and giving cyanide to every bank employee as a "dysentery inoculation."
  2. The first airline stewardesses in the U.S. were all nurses. The requirement disappeared when many nurses left to serve in WW2.
  3. Most mammals, from elephants to shrews, live for the same number of heartbeats, about 1.5 billion, before dying.
  4. When wolves howl together, they harmonize rather than sing on one note to give the illusion of greater numbers.
  5. In 1987, a man convinced 2.8 million people to send him a penny each for his college education.
  6. If you cool liquid helium just a few degrees below its boiling point, it can climb walls and defy gravity.
  7. The Millennium Prize is a US$1 million award given to whoever can solve any 1 of 7 math problems, but to date only 1 of the problems has been solved.
  8. The average European is 2.7% Neanderthal.
  9. Sniffer bees and wasps have been trained to detect illegal drugs and explosive materials, and their ability to do so rivals sniffer dogs.
  10. Saudi Arabia officially classifies atheism as terrorism.
  11. A Malaysian women spent over a month in a box full of over 6,000 scorpions. She only got stung 7 times.
  12. Saturn's rings are younger than the dinosaurs. They were likely formed just 100 million years ago.
  13. Anders Breivik, a Norweigan man convicted of killing 69 children, threatened to go on a hunger strike if his prison cell's PlayStation 2 wasn't upgraded to PS3.
  14. Wolverines are trained to find and rescue avalanche survivors, because they are naturally inclined to sniff out animals 20 feet below the snow and eat them.
  15. A typo prevented hackers of stealing US$1 billion in 2016. They misspelled "foundation" as "fandation" in a wire transfer request, prompting bank authorities to investigate.
  16. There's a hedgehog cuddling cafe in Tokyo.
  17. Humans empathetically experience pain when they see someone of the same race experience pain, but less so with someone of another race.
  18. A dead adult male tiger can sell for US$10,000 or more on the black market.
  19. The Great Wall of China is being destroyed by farmers living around the structure who have been turning it into pathways, shelters and even fertilisers for crops.
  20. In India, Snakes are worshipped as gods even today. Many women pour milk on snakes, despite snakes' aversion for it.
  21. The are over 900 stone ring monuments in the British Isles. Stonehenge is just the most famous of them.
  22. Fossils demonstrate that some dinosaurs slept with their heads tucked under their arms.
  23. The oldest undisputed sculpture of a human being is about 40,000 years old and shows a woman with big breasts and elaborately carved genitalia.
  24. A container with almost 5 million Lego pieces fell into the sea off Cornwall in 1997. They are still washing up on Cornish beaches today.
  25. Turophobia is the fear of cheese.
  26. "Kakonomics" is the concept in which people expect mediocrity from others so less is expected of themselves.
  27. An Olympic gold medal in Rio 2016 gave British athletes an average of just over 9000 extra Twitter followers.
  28. 30 years ago, you had about about 17 minutes to escape a house fire. Today it's down to 3 to 4 minutes because newer homes and the furniture inside them burn faster.
  29. About one-fifth of all the gold held by the world's governments, worth about US$248 billion, is stored beneath the streets of London.
  30. Apple could buy Disney or Coca-Cola and pay in cash.
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