1. Kangaroos are almost always left-handed.
  2. Helium is the only element discovered in space before it was found on earth.
  3. Before the Columbian Exchange, there were no oranges in Florida, no bananas in Ecuador, no potatoes in Ireland, no coffee in Colombia, no pineapples in Hawaii, no rubber trees in Africa, no tomatoes in Italy, and no chocolate in Switzerland.
  4. Mongooses were introduced to Hawaii in 1883 to control the invasive rat population. However, rats are nocturnal and mongooses are diurnal. Hawaii now has a problem with both.
  5. As a child, Elon Musk was bullied so severely, he once had to be hospitalized because of a beating from other students.
  6. A strong cough forces air out of the airways at speeds up to 1000 km/h, almost as fast as the speed of sound (1234 km/h).
  7. The third most serious nuclear accident ever recorded, the Kyshtym disaster in Soviet Russia, was not informed to populations of affected areas for a week. The world only found out years later.
  8. Charles Boycott, an English land agent, was so hated by the community he became a verb.
  9. Nazi German troops were routinely given a narcotic called Pervitin, which allowed them to march for longer than normal.
  10. London is still paying rent to the Queen on a property leased in 1211. Horseshoes, 61 nails, an axe and billhook are part of the rent.
  11. In 1875, the king of Fiji brought back measles from a state visit to Australia and wiped out a quarter of his own people.
  12. Tiramisu means ‘pick me up' in Italian.
  13. Polluted water kills children at a rate equivalent to a fully laden jumbo jet crashing every four hours.
  14. The most dangerous job in the United States is that of the logger, with 110 deaths per 100,000.
  15. There is a species of bison with the scientific name "Bison bison bison."
  16. A Chilean man is so obsessed with Julia Roberts that he has 82 tattoos of her face all over his body.
  17. George Washington is worshipped as a god by Japanese Shinto priests in Hawaii.
  18. Light travels 18 million times faster than rain.
  19. There are 2 million saunas in Finland for a population of 5 million.
  20. A manatee can eat a tenth of its body weight in 24 hours.
  21. The United States paid US$25 million in gold for the Virgin Islands in 1917.
  22. In 1785, Benjamin Franklin was the richest person in the United States.
  23. Bill Gates has a McDonald's Gold Card for unlimited free fast food.
  24. Americans work 25% more than Europeans, a 2016 study found.
  25. The average woman generates 300 pounds of tampon trash in her lifetime.
  26. In 1973, Le Duc Tho became the first and only person ever to voluntarily refuse a Nobel Peace Prize. He negotiated a ceasefire in the Vietnam War but peace was not yet established.
  27. In Belgium, people with autism, bipolar disorder, depression and other mental illnesses can request to be euthanised.
  28. "Death from overwork" is so common in Japan there's even a word for it: Karoshi.
  29. Sex burns 3.6 calories a minute.
  30. Andrew Jackson, who appears on the U.S. twenty-dollar bill, was highly opposed to paper money.
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