1. FIDO,
    Abraham Lincoln's dog,
    was also
  2. The color red isn't what causes bulls to attack. In fact, bulls don't seem to have any color preference at all.
  3. In 1945, a rooster named Mike, lived 18 months without a head.
  4. Violent homes have the same effect
    on children's brains as combat on soldiers.
  5. It is believed that Isaac Newton died a virgin.
  6. 12%
    more difficult is to walk without swinging your arms.
  7. In 2009, a man was arrested for being naked in his own house in Springfield, Virginia.
  8. Breathing the air in Mumbai, India, for just one day is equivalent to smoking 100 cigarettes.
  9. The golden poison frog has enough toxin to kill 10 to 20 men or 10,000 mice.
  10. An eagle can kill a deer and fly away with it.
  11. There's a wild mushroom
    that tastes like chicken
    and is considered a delicacy
    in Germany and N. America.
  12. Scientists are relatively close to creating human organs with 3D printers.
  13. Penicillin was
    so precious in the 1930s
    that it was re-extracted
    from patients' urine.
  14. Sweat itself is odorless. It's the bacteria on the skin that mingles with it and produces body odor.
  15. Recycling a single plastic bottle can conserve enough energy to light a 60W bulb for up to 6 hours.
  16. A newborn kangaroo is the size of a bean.
  17. Scientists
    have developed a way of
    charging mobile phones
    using urine.
  18. A woman in Germany gave birth naturally to a baby who weighed 13 pounds (5.8 kg).
  19. Venom from the Japanese giant hornet can dissolve human tissue.
  20. We all have tiny mites living in our eyelashes.
  21. Applying hemorrhoid cream to your chest and waist can make you look more muscular.
  22. Human fetuses grow a type of hair inside the womb and they consume it.
  23. Male seahorses
    can get pregnant.
  24. 92% of all new sold cars in Brazil
    use ethanol as fuel, which is produced from sugar cane.
  25. Hippopotamus' milk is pink.
  26. McDonalds' Caesar salad is more fattening than their hamburger.
  27. Researchers found 1,458 new species of bacteria in belly buttons.
  28. U.S. Soldier John R. McKinney held off over 100 Japanese soldiers single-handedly in WW2.
  29. 1 Can of Soda a day increases your chances of getting type 2 diabetes by 22%.
  30. The first European who learned to smoke from the natives was arrested back home because people thought he was possessed by the devil.
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