1. People who regularly eat dinner or breakfast in restaurants double their risk of becoming obese.
  2. Hitler
    was nominated for the
    Nobel Peace Prize
    in 1939.
  3. The world consumes close to 2.25 billion cups of coffee every day.
  4. Besides sweet, salty, sour, and bitter, there's a little known 5th taste: umami, the flavor of soy sauce and tomatoes.
  5. The Grammostola spatulata tarantula's venom might be used to treat atrial fibrillation, as it calms irregular heartbeats.
  6. Snow is a mineral, just like diamonds and salt.
  7. Austrian physicist Friedrich Hasenohrl published the basic equation E = mc2 a year before Einstein did.
  8. Gasoline is complex, as it can contain between 150 and 1,000 different chemical compounds.
  9. Nearly 22,000 checks will be deducted from the wrong accounts over the next hour.
  10. Women can get pregnant even 5 to 8 days after having sex.
  11. The inhabitants of ancient Rome had a sewer goddess, a toilet god, and a god of excrement.
  12. One-third of Earth's land surface
    is partially or totally desert.
  13. Honduras has the highest homicide rate
    in the world, with 85 per 100,000 people.
  14. Twitter
    is more addictive than
    cigarettes and alcohol,
    according to a study.
  15. 40,000 U.S. women might be
    allergic to male ejaculate.
  16. Returning astronauts report extreme difficulty moving their arms and legs right after coming back, reason why they call it "the second birth."
  17. Our lungs and nasal passages have exquisitely tiny hairs called cilia that can "taste" bitter flavors.
  18. Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde creates real clouds inside indoor spaces.
  19. Early hominids were tending the first intentional fires more than 400,000 years ago.
  20. 10%
    of all U.S. companies go out of business every year.
  21. Even thinking about a favorite food triggered release of dopamine, a feel-good hormone also produced during sex and drug use.
  22. 30%
    of pregnant women crave nonfood items, an eating disorder called pica.
  23. Nearly 1 billion people will go to bed hungry tonight.
  24. Lego produced 381 million tires in 2011, making the world's largest rubber tire manufacturer by number of units produced.
  25. In 2006, a woman farted on a plane and tried to cover up the smell by lighting matches, causing an emergency landing.
  26. In Nepal, there is a whole family, The Budhathoks, suffering from werewolf syndrome.
  27. Silent reading is a recent phenomenon. Only the most skilled readers of the middle ages could read silently.
  28. Jehovah's Witnesses don't celebrate birthdays because the only two accounts of birthday parties in the Bible ended in murder.
  29. Phrases in English such as "long time no see", "no go", and "no can do" come from literal translations of Chinese phrases.
  30. in Turkmenistan, car drivers are entitled to 120 Liters (31 gal.) of free petrol a month.
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