1. A sample of Sir Isaac Newton's apple tree was sent into space to 'defy gravity.'
  2. We could probably kill off all the mosquitoes with minimal permanent ecological damage, according to scientists.
  3. The pyramids were built by paid laborers. Not slaves. That's a myth by Herodotus, the Greek historian.
  4. Female koalas, when in captivity, can engage in lesbian behaviour.
  5. Spain had more unemployment in 2013 (27.2%) than the US had during the Great Depression (25%).
  6. Abe Lincoln is enshrined in the Wrestling Hall of Fame, having lost just once in 300 matches.
  7. The first Canadian casualties of the Afghanistan war were from an American pilot bombing a training exercise.
  8. Dandelions are edible.
  9. None of the winning couples of "The Bachelor" TV Show, in 16 seasons, have remained married.
  10. A ship abandoned off the coast of Alaska in 1931 was spotted, still adrift in the Arctic, in 1969.
  11. Newton invented/discovered calculus in about the same amount of time the average student learns it.
  12. Fish cough.
  13. 100,000,000,000 solar neutrinos pass through every square centimeter of your body every second.
  14. Only one-half of a dolphin's brain sleeps at a time. The other half that's awake signals the dolphin to come up for air to prevent drowning.
  15. Research shows that if you're afraid of spiders, you're more likely to find one in your bedroom.
  16. Some turtles breathe through their butts.
  17. The Sun accounts for about 99.86% of the total mass of the Solar System.
  18. A child dies
    every 8 seconds
    contaminated water.
  19. In 2010, General Electric made over US$14 billion in profits but paid US$0 in taxes in the U.S.
  20. Gold is edible.
  21. Over 80% of women wear the wrong bra size.
  22. Over 20 million bats live in the Bracken Cave in Texas, the world's largest colony of bats.
  23. Theodore Roosevelt had a pet bear while in office.
  24. The average stripper in the UK makes about US$74,000 a year.
  25. In the U.S., it cost between US$134,000 and US$237,000 to raise a child from birth to age 17 (not counting school).
  26. People who eat nuts 7 or more times a week have a 20% lower death rate than those who don't.
  27. During WW2, Japan received Jewish refugees and rejected the resulting Nazi German protests.
  28. The World's oldest known creature, a mollusc, was 507 years old until scientists killed it by mistake.
  29. The world's oldest calendar is 10,000 years old and is made up of 12 pits that appear to mimic moon phases.
  30. Cleopatra, the last Pharaoh of Egypt, was actually Greek, not Egyptian.
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