1. There are more TVs in the U.S. than people in the U.K.
  2. Camels have three eyelids.
  3. An 11-Year-Old Girl Convinced Abraham Lincoln to Grow His Beard.
  4. Only 7% of Afghan homes have flush toilets.
  5. Turtles have lived on earth even before the dinosaurs.
  6. 95%
    of Nauru's adult population is overweight making it the fattest place on earth.
  7. It is believed Russia has at least 15 secret cities with their names, and locations unknown.
  8. A day on Mercury is equivalent to almost 59 days on the planet Earth.
  9. Amazon.com's warehouses are so large, they could hold more water than 10,000 Olympic Pools.
  10. Bruce Lee was so fast, they actually had to run his films slower so you can see his moves.
  11. A U.S. journalist faces 105 years in jail for posting a link on the web.
  12. The only member of the band "ZZ Top" without a beard is Frank Beard.
  13. A 35-year-old Kansas woman spent two years stuck in the toilet of her boyfriend's bathroom.
  14. The Chinese soft-shelled turtle is the first animal known to pee via its mouth.
  15. Women in Niger have an average of 7 children, the world's highest rate.
  16. In Japan, they use more paper for comics than for toilet paper.
  17. Alexander Graham Bell refused to have a phone in his study. The ringing drove him nuts.
  18. Horses cannot throw up.
  19. The U.S. Tax Code is 4 Times Longer Than Shakespeare's Complete Works.
  20. Monkeys are trained and employed as harvesters of large coconut plantations in Malaysia and Thailand.
  21. 3 Olympic swimming pools can hold all the gold ever mined in the world.
  22. There are more living organisms in a teaspoonful of soil than there are people on earth.
  23. Three of Fidel Castro's sons are named after Alexander the Great: Alexis, Alejandro, and Alexander.
  24. Smoking can lead to impotence in men.
  25. Natural gas is odorless. The smell is added artificially for safety reasons.
  26. 8%
    of your body weight is in your blood.
  27. A language
    14 days.
  28. The Italian mafia accounts for 7% of Italy's GDP.
  29. A third of all Russians believe the Sun revolves around the Earth.
  30. Octopuses have 3 hearts.
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